What is Flamencordoba ArtStudio?

We would like to take this time to welcome you on behalf of Flamencordoba ArtStudio an international studio considered to be a true point of reference in Spain with a continuous and ongoing high quality professional training program in the art of Flamenco.

Our school is located in Cordoba, one of the most beautiful and historical cities in Spain and a World Heritage Site. Its activities are totally focused on promoting the professional career of the Flamenco artist in areas such as: Dance, Flamenco guitar, Percussion and other instruments, in new and innovative ways. Our program for Cante Flamenco is currently being drafted and we will provide details later on.

As well as our ongoing training program, we are proud to say that we have other programs, as a mark of excellence and innovation in the heart of our Flamenco training: Master Class in Flamenco Violin, a Master Class in Dance Accompaniment and a Master Class in Dancing with Horses.

Our main objective at this time is to meet the academic needs of schools specializing in artistic education all over the world, providing the opportunity for students and teachers alike a way to further expand their artistic careers and broaden their professional horizons. Furthermore, we offer our training program to professors, artists, independent professionals, theater and dance companies, musicians, actors and actresses, and circus professionals; as well as to those students who have finished their studies and have begun their professional careers, providing them with clear and precise career orientation.

By doing this, we encompass the areas of music, dance, film, theater, musical theater, circus and television.

Our world-renowned professors ensure only the highest quality Flamenco training. Their total dedication along with their enthusiasm for sharing our strong musical tradition, leads them to etching out a way of teaching that is new and innovative in its own way, leading to programs which are designed to fit the needs of the students. Their teaching is considered to be an example of quality which covers a wide range of different techniques and interpretative styles focused on stage performance; as in the case of professional Flamenco students, as well as offering the first contact with Flamenco, as in the case of Performing Arts professionals who are interested in learning about it.

To make your stay with us as Flamencordoba more complete, we invite you to take part in our Spanish classes which are designed for different levels. Our Spanish teachers will prepare a previous initial evaluation for each school or group, to test the level and organize specific teaching lesson plans which are fully adapted to students needs.

Following this presentation, we would be delighted to welcome you. You have the opportunity to complete your program having acquired impeccable technique, elegance and creativity. Many of our participants will even continue with Flamenco art forming a part of their successful professional careers. The program can be designed starting at a specific level of Flamenco, depending on the candidates’ beginning level. In this way we can offer you the possibility to choose your own program.

What are your specific training needs? We want to know so that we can design a personalized program for you. You’ll find information here.

We hope to see you soon.