Flamenco Percussion



Participant profile:

Aimed at all students and percussion professors or percussionists who wish to complete their training in the specialization of flamenco percussion.

It is also designed for flamenco percussion students who wish to focus their studies on an artistic career focused on performing on stage in any context.


Training features:

This program is taught from a fully artistic and technical approach.  In addition to all the technical and interpretative aspects, this program focuses on flamenco stage performance. The training and methodology for this class will be designed according to the participants’ age, competence level and according to specific needs.

They will also be able to perform at one of the many emblematic tablaos flamencos in the city, with the accompaniment of a full cuadro flamenco, and thus showing the results of the training acquired during their stay with us at ArtStudio.





The sounds of the Cajón Flamenco: Learning technique and the different ways of slapping, hitting or stiking the Cajón. Different sound possibilities depend on the type of accompaniment, whether it be with Flamenco Guitar, Dance or Song.

Parts of the cajón flamenco and sound possibilities of each and every one depending on the rhythms and styles performed.

Other elements of percussion (cymbals, box, Djembé, timbale, Base…)

Rythmic palos which are most representative of Flamenco art are: patterns and variations. Techniques for reproducing these rhythms with a Cajón.

The 12-beat rhythm

The role of the Cajón Flamenco in present day with respect to different types of styles of fusión with other types of music.

Practical Contents:

We will transform theory of toque into practice through the following styles in those instruments that play a vital part of Flamenco Percussion, focusing on the Cajón Flamenco:

  • – Bulería
  • – Rumba
  • – Verdiales
  • – Tangos
  • – Tientos/ tangos
  • – Tangos / rumba
  • – Alegrías
  • – Fandango de Huelva
  • – Sevillanas
  • – Soleá por bulerías
  • – Siguiriyas por bulerías
  • – Rondeñas
  • – Tanguillos
  • – Farruca
  • – Cantiñas
  • – Guajira

Lastly, Improvisation Technique will be practiced in a continuous way with exercises regarding each style.

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