About us

Flamencordoba ArtStudio: We are a group of professionals focused on developing Flamenco art and Spanish and to bring about more awareness both in Spain and abroad, exclusively in the field of academic training.

Our main focus is on giving students of performing arts, music, dance, film, musical and theatre , the opportunity to experience flamenco in its homeland; in particular for those who would like to learn about, develop or improve this temperamental art; the main purpose being to enrich their educational and professional careers.

Furthermore, we offer our training program to professors, artists, independent professionals, theater and dance companies, musicians, actors and actresses, circus professionals; as well as to those students who have finished their studies and have begun their professional careers, providing them with clear and precise career orientation.

By doing this we encompass the areas of music, dance, film, theater, musical, circus and television.

For those of you who choose to take your training with us will find that our way of working is totally versatile, that is to say, we completely adapt our programs to your personal tastes, objectives and needs of each school or group. In this way those who receive training with us have the opportunity to experience the art of flamenco, from a first contact with flamenco to requesting us for a complete choreographed show that is to be included in a play which would be represented in your country of origin; with our professionals providing valuable advice. These are but two examples of the array of activities we can carry out.

We design the training program for our students completely based on the academic demands of their fields or schools. Along with this main objective, acquiring a greater knowledge of Spanish is the perfect way, for those of you who choose our Studio, to complete your training and partake in a unique experience in living this Spanish Art.

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