Flamenco Dance Training I (Advanced)

Participant Profile: For students who have had prior Flamenco training.

Aimed at students and teachers of ballet, contemporary dance, flamenco, musical theater and body movement, actors and actresses and circus artists who – having had prior knowledge of flamenco dancing wish to develop or improve their onstage technique in choreography as well as theatre, film, musical or arena performances.


Training features

This program is taught from a fully artistic and technical approach.  In addition to all the technical and interpretative aspects, this program focuses on flamenco stage performance. The training and methodology for this class will be designed according to the participants’ age, competence level and according to their specific needs. The students will have the possibility to participate in one of most emblematic flamenco shows in the city demonstrating the training acquired during their stay at our ArtStudio.




  • – Technique
  • – Choreography
  • – Accessories, bata de cola, mantón.
  • – Knowledge of the compás or study of rhythm (more complex forms of palmas, contratiempos and basic remates, contratiempos while increasing speed, more complex remates, repicado and contratiempos at double speed)
  • – History of flamenco singing and dancing.
  • – Footwork technique: single and double strokes, media planta-tacón (half sole-heel) and media planta-tacón (half sole-heel) with simple strokes and dobles encajes, golpe (stamp) and dos tacones alternos (stamp and alternate heels), tacón delante con tacón de base (heel forward with heel base), punteado detrás con tacón de base (toe towards the back with heel base), chaflán, escobilla hacia delante y hacía el lado con tacón de base detrás (foward and side “brush” with heel base towards the back) and escobilla cruzada (cross “brush”).

    Students will learn a dance choreographed routine which they will perform, as integrated active participants, in an evening show at an emblematic place in the city.

More information and application forms  download-pdf