Flamenco Dance III (First Contact)

Participant profile:

Aimed at students of other areas, not necessarily related to dance, belonging to any educational level, college or university in which these disciplines are not the central focus of academic training, but an educational extension providing personal enrichment. Participants may also be other people of any age, fans of any age, who wish to become acquainted with flamenco art as a way of corporal expression and cultural enrichment, while at the same time enjoy a unique emplacement and magnificent installations which make for a delightful experience for participants.


Training features:

This training aims to bring students closer to the world of flamenco art from a pleasant cultural approach. Alternative activities will be offered to allow the students to enjoy and immerse themselves in the world of flamenco while at our ArtStudio.



This program is divided into three basic areas:

-The history of flamenco and its styles: The sessions dedicated to this topic are taught form a practical and theoretical point of view. They will be illustrated by a bailaor. In these sessions participants will learn about the history of the most important flamenco dance styles and their link to historical and cultural aspects. An interesting walk through the origins of flamenco dance as corporal expression as well as cultural and artistic.

-Introduction to flamenco: The basics of flamenco dance are foot technique, hand and arm technique, palmas (hand clapping), and the presence of body movement in harmony with the rest of the elements.

Starting from scratch, we introduce the zapateado technique, arm technique, body positioning and corporal stance, by means of exercises to establish the body’s center point of gravity and coordination.

– Introduction to Sevillanas: Understanding and integrating the compás, general technique for dancing with a partner and learning the different steps of each of the four Sevillanas.

Choreography, characterization, hairstyle and attire.

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