Flamenco Dance Training II (Introduction)


Participant profile: For students without any prior Flamenco training.

Aimed at students, teachers and professionals in the areas of, ballet, contemporary dance, musical theater, body movement, actors and actresses, and circus artists who – not having had any prior knowledge of flamenco dancing wish to begin learning flamenco technique thru palos, at a slower pace at first, leading up to a more advanced level depending on each individuals’ skills and capacity.


Training Features:

This program is taught from a fully artistic and technical approach.  In addition to all the technical and interpretative aspects, this program focuses on flamenco stage performance. The training and methodology for this class will be designed according to the participants’ age, competence level and according to specific needs. Students will have the possibility to perform at one of many tablaos flamencos in the city demonstrating the training acquired during their stay at our Studio.



Introduction to flamenco dance structure, correct placement, rhythms, movements, interpretation, positions, braceo flamenco (flamenco arm movements): different variations, warm up exercises for feet, zapateado exercises (flamenco tap dance) to different rhythms in order to gain strength, appropriate sharpness and definition, an introduction to different types of choreography, a study of the “Salida por alegrías”, preparation, training and physical preparation of the bailaor.

Students will learn a choreographed dance routine created by themselves, in order to confirm correct technical performance, sense of rhythm and the correct use of space and expression.

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