ArtStudio Accommodations

Our ArtStudio has two locations where programmed activities take place: Casa Brillante and Casa Fundación Aljaraque in the Judería (the Jewish Quarter). Both are fully equipped with everything you need to make your stay more enjoyable, + wifi . You can choose where you want to stay while you are taking your training classes. The difference between the two locations is basically where they are situated in the city, their style, some aspects regarding the accommodation with respect to bedrooms and space and the price.

We have a third accommodation available for exclusive use for groups that sign up for the Master Class Dancing with Horses and in special occasions it will be available for those groups who are unable to stay at the two previously mentioned accommodations due to previously existing reservations.

It is a rural farm just 13 km outside Cordoba. It is made up of four magnificent houses that are a cross between rural-contemporary and minimalist styles as well as one being a natural cave house, which truly offers a unique experience for our students.

Each and every one of these houses has a hall for dance rehearsals, two recording booths for guitar sessions, two classrooms for guitar classes, a classroom for Spanish classes, a place to hold shows, various rooms and bathrooms, living room, kitchen, long hallways with many windows, garden areas, terraces and patios, an outdoor swimming pool, a tennis court and an indoor swimming (only one of the houses) and a garage.