Parallel Cultural Activities

Parallel to our intensive training activities, Flamencordoba ArtStudio offers the possibility to enjoy a series of cultural activities to take part in/ do in your free time. These are a variety of activities you can enjoy. You should keep in mind that each and every one is distinctly different and prices vary accordingly.

Cultural Tour - Route I: A walk through the Historical Old Town.

The Mosque-Cathedral – Alcázar – Julio Romero de Torres Museum  – Plaza del Potro – Torre de la Calahorra Museum 

Equestrian Show: “Pasión y Duende del Caballo Andaluz

It can be considered the perfect combination of elements of classical and Andalusian riding, connecting the spectators to the equestrian history and traditions of our city, and being our Caballos Andaluces (Andalusian Horses), heirs of those who, as a wish of King Felipe II, they were bred and raised at the Caballerizas Reales (the Royal Stables) in Córdoba. They are the true protagonists.

This equestrian show offers spectators, in approximately 90 minutes, the opportunity to see

different routines and groups, made up of 20 magnificent Spanish purebreds and 10 jinetes (men riders) and amazonas (women riders). Spectators can enjoy the spectacular trabajos a la mano,(riders working with horses in the arena, not on horseback), and the skill of doma vaquero (riding based on traditional cattle herding) and alta escuela (the highest level of discipline for both horse and rider). The elegance of the amazonas , the art of the garrochistas (rider with long spear, garrocha used in training bulls for bullfighting), and the fusion of dance and equestrian exercise are all accompanied by music which has been carefully prepared for its arena performance.

Evening Flamenco Show

The Casa Sefarad, the Palacio de Congresos or the Peña Aguilar, a must at any one of most genuine tablaos in the city.

Cultural Tour - Route II: A tour of unique places

Museo Taurino – Sinagoga – Palacio de Viana Casa SefaradReal Círculo de la Amistad

The Show “La Hora Española”

Gets its name from the one-act opera “L´Heure Espagnole”, by the French composer Maurice Raval. The soprano Laura Moyano and the pianist Santiago Alonso are the authors of this marvelous show. Despite their youth, these two artists, have a long artistic career and present a concert with an array of musical compositions that can be framed within the vast range of what is classified as “Canción Española” (Spanish Song). This style does not describe a specific type as it groups musical compositions born under very diverse names such as Copla Escénica ot Romanza de Zarzuela, passing thru two lush musical fields of classical and popular Canción (Song).

Seasonal Cultural Events

Patios (courtyards), Cata de vino (wine tasting), Cruces (May Crosses), Feria (The Cordoba Fair in May), Festival de la Guitarra (Guitar Festival), Festival de Piano (Piano Festival), Noche Blanca del Flamenco.

Cultural Tour - Route III: A break to let your imagination run wild

Medina Azahara Monastery San Jerónimo


Conversation Classes

Students will be able to choose conversation classes given/taught by our professional native speakers, where they will sharpen their listening skills and improve their ability to express themselves correctly.

Students will have the opportunity to experience the following areas in their classes:

  • Speaking in Spanish with an expert native speaker who is totally dedicated to teaching.
  • Improve your listening comprehension level and learn to communicate in Spanish.
  • Learn correct pronunciation of newly acquired vocabulary.
  • Become familiar with colloquial expressions and learn how to communicate in any situation in day to day living.
  • During the conversation classes only the professor will be with the student.

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